FR: A week in Prague, my Impressions and Experiences

For foreigners in Czech Republic who want to draw benefits of unique community (most effective technology for seducing middle european women, hundreds of active wingmans...) too.
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FR: A week in Prague, my Impressions and Experiences

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First time sarging I was just for two days in Prague and didn't get the real experience of Prague cause I was mostly in city center and didn't use subway much. That's why I saw mostly tourists.

This time I have spent a week in Prague and got more or less correct view of things at least IMO.

Guys are rarely dressed attractively. Mostly guys dress average. Maybe one out of 20-30 guys dress really cool. So if you have a usual casual suit-jacket you stand out very much and you have not only eyes of women on you, but also eyes of men :D (In Vienna about every 20-th man wears at least a suit jacket (now when its cool outside), and men often wear suits too.).

But I guess it's more of comfort zone thing. People don't want to be in center of attention and therefore they dress average... but as a PUA you will be in center of attention so you better get used to it and get IOI with your clothes is much easier in Prague.

In Vienna when I wear suit jacket, I get maybe one IOI in a subway train wagon. In Prague - at least 2-3 girls look at me. However I don't know if it's IOI or just their curiousity, because as I have notised people in Prague aren't such smombies as in Vienna (smartphone zombies), anyways a good pretext to open her:"You look at me like we know each other?". In Vienna 70-80% of people look into their smartphones in subway, tram and bus. (We also have internet in subway. But before we had Internet in subway, the people would look into their newspapers and books :D )

So you guys are lucky that you have more opportunities for AIs and you can use girl looking at you as a pretext for opener.

I don't know how much does a suit jacket in Prague cost, but I bought mine for 30€ during summer discounts at Peek & Cloppenburg in Vienna. So the suit jacket is like 5 x McDonald's menus. Definitely worth it's money. I also had strippers approaching and touching me in Hot Peppers. If you don't have a suit jacket - buy at least one! And try going out! At least you will get rid of comfort zone.

Basically anything you dress that makes you standout is better than average clothes ;) Better buy less food but something exclusive. Or come to Vienna shortly before Christmas and after the New Year. We have huge sales during that time. You can buy Guess tshirts for 10-15€ during sales. Calvin Klein costs about 20-25€ during sales. Etc.

I would say most girls are not used to get approached with direct style in the streets of Prague at daytime, because when I opened girls with direct method, most of them were laughing and reacted as if I said something amazing. And I am totally average looking guy and even a foreigner, I guess you know that czech girls don't like flirting with tourists very much. I would rate myself as 7, maybe 8 in my best days, when I work out few times a week. So the reaction I have got wasn't because of my looks. It was because I sincerely said what I think about. And girls in some countries value that very much, in other countries not really.

For example in Poland I got really good results with DIRECT, cause most guys are insecure and can't say few sincere words to a strange girl without alcohol. And I walk up sober in the street and compliment them. Most of Polish girls blushed.

In Austria DIRECT doesn't bring you anywhere, unless you look like super hot or a rich guy, cause guys are more confident and are natural PUAs, so girls are used to get approached even at daytime. However some girls from outside of Vienna react good on Direct method, but not all of them.

Too bad I don't speak Czech language... But before my next visit I think I will learn basic Czech language.

Probably Czech women get approached more indirectly, if my direct caused such reactions.

Indirect method is a way:

1) to let a girl judge you by your personality, not by your looks (Natural Style)
2) a way to prove that you have more value than her, and let her chase you (miss Terry Method / Swingcat Method)
3) a way to do a stealth approach without drawing much attention of publicity (Shy guys method)
4) a sign of insecurity - cause guys don't want to get rejected right away to protect their ego. (scared guys)
5) etc ??

Anyways, I think you guys should do more direct approaches. If you dress at least halfway attractive, it will get you good reactions. As about drawing attention of people when you dress flashy - f#ck it. The people are just jealous that you have balls to dress like that and that you don't care that lot of people look at you :D

I will post pics of me with girls a bit later.

Most of women who were confident in maintaining Eye Contact with me were over 30 years old. I would say younger girls are either not confdent for EC with strangers or they have enough attention and don't need more guys who approach them.

As a result of a week in Prague: about 10 number closes, 2 Fcloses, 1 instadate from approaching 2 set (with hugs and kisses)
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FR: A week in Prague, my Impressions and Experiences

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