What can StreetGame.cz offer to you

For foreigners in Czech Republic who want to draw benefits of unique StreetGame.cz community (most effective technology for seducing middle european women, hundreds of active wingmans...) too.
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What can StreetGame.cz offer to you

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We are the biggest community of men interested in seducing women and self-development in Central Europe. Our main values are action, inovation and spreading good.

We've completely deciphered the code into female pants :) If you want central europien women for fun, sex, relationships or harems, you just have found the right place! We share the strongest seduction technologies working in Czech Republic, Slovakia...

Besides that, you can find lots of active and friendly wingmans here, mainly from biger cities like Prague and Brno. Some of us speak English (or German, Russian, Spanish...), some of us don´t :)

We will appreciate your posts throughout the whole forum, even in bad Czech, if you are learning the language. If you don´t speak Czech at all, you can still ask for advice or find a wingman here in English Section.

And remember: 5 posts on the board = PM´s will open for you.

For the profesional coaching in english see this page
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rengaf (28 srp 2021, 17:36)
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Celý recept na úspěch:
1) Každý den cvičit Autentické charisma (7 minut ráno, 7 večer)
2) Každý den oslovit pár holek (kdo se bojí, dá kurz)
3) Tak ob den posilovna
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What can StreetGame.cz offer to you

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Great, thanks a lot for the effort !
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rengaf (28 srp 2021, 17:36)
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