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Weekend in Prague

Napsal: 21 srp 2019, 00:26
od jettiger
Hello everybody, I was in Prague for a weekend in June with a friend of mine (Natural PUA).

I must say there are lot of beautiful women there, compared to Vienna, Austria for example. I have also lived in Warsaw and Moscow. Maybe the only cities I could compare to Prague in matter of HB percentage.

I have opened lot of Ukrainian, Russian, Toursist females and almost always they were polite and glad to have a conversation. Only two girls in night club were rude, but they were dressed like bitches too, so no wonder.

I switched to Natural Pickup since it seemed much easier and more stealth mode than usual routines, techniques etc. and also brings much better results for me at least.

Women will never think that you are a PUA if you use Natural PUA Style. The difference between Natural and Unnatural is that Natural Style doesn't require you to memorize any techniques. The main principle is to have a certain mindset and perticular set of skills, no, not like Liam Neeson ;D

You have to know that you are the best, and women are the rest. There is only one you, but 3 Billion of women. Knowledge of that kills all desperation and supplication. No need to be cocky or arrogant however. Just be self confident, and thats what I "preach and practice".

I will be certainly coming to Prague again. So if anyone want's to get in touch and do some pickup together or wants to learn (switch to) Natural Style, I would be glad to meet and be a wing /or help learning Natural Style (since classic PUAs are very easy to notice).


Weekend in Prague

Napsal: 19 zář 2019, 11:29
od jettiger
So I am here now

Anyone wants to go out for club game on Friday?

I do at least 5-10 approaches a night, or more, depending how it goes and whether I only get phone number or is it worth staying in set for ONS.